Percy Winterbottom is back after a busy and action packed start to the new year.

The year ended with the traditional New Year's Eve party at Baby D & the Kidney's. I took it as the perfect opportunity to bust out my boob shirt. The Kidney followed suit with his classic penis tie. We're so classy.


I don't know what went on here...
what the

Baby d & her pimp cup o white russian
Jumbo Russian

Dice rollin'
snake eyes

I painted the wall in the "bar" area silver. Swanky.
silver wall

Um... best. sign. EVER.

We're cat sitting Laurie's (lawree's blog) little black demon Decon while she's kickin' it in Romania. Unfortunately Percy the Cat took one look at Decon & hissed "not want". The two have been separated ever since. Damn cats. Check out the fluff ball.

ball o fluff1
ball o fluff2

We celebrated Percy's birthday in January at Casa Chapala.

Lupe was the consummate host as always and provided plenty of tequila shots for everyone.

Percy and Lupe

January - March were a blur for me due to work (which spoiled yet another birthday, yes I'm still bitter).

We just got back from LAF's wedding. pre wedding photos here

Check the travel section for the details (when I get around to that post).

This is old I know but I just saw it & it totally cracks my ass up.