A quick & dirty run down of baby d’s birthday extravaganza this past Saturday night….

We started out with a pancake lunch right next door to my hairdresser. No photos – we were in a hurry & hungry.

Next door at Danny’s salon we had our hair did for the evening’s festivities. Deanna got her hair ironed straight & mine was teased up like a drunk 60s housewife. I love Danny.

We then made our way up to the Mac store at the Domain to have gay men apply our make up. I was a little bummed – baby d got the better gay. My make up was just so-so. Had a much better experience in New Orleans at the Armani counter. He totally whored me up that time! Anyway, here’s baby d & her pocket gay. He was TINY!


A nice photo before the night got started.

Our driver, Greg, picked us up promptly in his very snazzy Mercedes S class sedan. No photos of that either b/c I didn’t want to be THAT cheesy. We had a quick drive into the Hill Country for dinner at Hudson’s on The Bend.

Dinner was nice. But if you’re a vegetarian this place is not for you.

Right on time Greg was there to pick us up from dinner & whisk us downtown.

So… at my suggestion we ended up at a new place called Pangaea. The guy who owns it apparently has several other clubs in New York City & decided to come terrorize Austin with his ultra swank bottle service club. It was everything you’d think it would be from just knowing that the owner is from NYC & that it’s bottle service. After a little haggling at the door we finally were led into the club to our table. Now to get said table we had to agree to purchase 2 bottles that night.

I cannot even begin to get into it right now… cause I said this would be a quick post. But what I want to know are these things:

Do the waitresses wear underwear EVERY night or was that special for Saturday night?
What’s with the tambourine player wandering the crowd?
Where the hell did that cougar get that velvet jump suit & why is she droppin’ it like it’s hot?
Who the hell are these people? I mean really? This club needs to go away.

We made Greg take us to Whatarburger on the way home. We weren’t allowed to eat in the car. Lol

number 2
us 3
hot mess
devil child