Holidays have hit the house. Although the same can not be said for the very random weather in Texas. 78 one day and 56 the next. Um... what the hell is that about Mother Nature?

So I splurged on a fancy advent calendar this year since Percy Winterbottom has never had one before. This thing is a monster. Instead of little pieces of milk chocolate behind each door this calendar has decadent little treats waiting for us each morning. I'm thinking this thing's packing like 10,000 calories! But they sure are tasty.


advent back

Close up
Advent close up

Initially I thought we might go & splurge on a Christmas tree. That didn't happen. Behold one of my mini trees. Iridescent white with pink flamingos! I'm not allowed to go into Hobby Lobby for the rest of the month. No more mini trees.

mini tree
mini tree close up

This past weekend Percy, baby d, the kidney, Sofie & I participated in the Trail of Lights 5k. I was excited to do a race at night where it might actually be cold. No luck - it was in the upper 60s that night. Blurry night time photos of all the pretty lights....

Some people dressed up for the race. There was a group of runners wearing nothing but tiny undies. The kidney found this entertaining.

kidney butt

Apparently they construct a huge tree out of lights. People walk under it and spin around looking up at the lights. I... did not do this.

blurry tree

The majority of the lights are all on one side of the park. There's a wide tunnel of lights at the entrance.

First tunnel

Lots of lights on trees.

The trail contains several lighted scenes that are mostly holiday related. Not sure what this one was about. It had a lion & something that looked like Neptune. Ok... so I guess he was on ice. That's kinda holiday related... right??


The last tunnel was a lovely little group of blue stars.
Blue Stars

Yeah it was pretty much impossible to walk & take photos at night. Some of them make me a little nauseous looking at them they're so blurry. Which is exactly why I'm forcing them on people. Enjoy.