So let's see... what has Percy Winterbottom been up to lately? We're heading towards the end of the year at warp speed it seems. I don't even know what's going on anymore.

A few weeks ago Percy, The Kidney, Baby D & I went to the UT/Texas Tech game. I'd gotten tickets for Percy as an anniversary present. Baby D & I went to UT. Percy & The Kidney went to Tech. It makes for a fun football season. Anyway... game day photos.

Parking is very unreasonable during game day due to tail gate parties. We passed by this cute little trailer on our walk.
lil camper

We met up with the one & only John David who was in town for the game. Did YOU have your picture taken with John David??
John David
John David John David

Our seats were in the north end horse shoe section. Wasn't sure about these seats but they turned out to be great.
UT field

East side stands
East Side

West side stands
West Side

The game in action
game action

Showband of the Southwest
band 2

The boys - so gay
the boys 2

I don't even know what's going on in this one...
the boys 1

Ok, so these two chicks from Tech were sitting in front of us and were beyond annoying. One was so very wasted to add to the annoying factor. Now I've spent my fair time at UT football games wasted. I have however, never been so annoying that two rows of people wanted to push me down the rows of seats in front of me. Behold the drunken blond mess that was sitting in front of us for THE ENTIRE GAME with her damn guns up hollering & screaming. Home girl even screamed for the band during half time. Um... go woodwind section!!!

tech chick 3

The one time she did sit down I was treated to this site.
Tech fanny

Now don't get me started on the offensive shirt these two were sporting. Ok, college football rivals like to poke fun at one another. I'm down with that. But I really don't see the humor in this shirt. At all.
Tech chick 2

We had a good time despite the hot mess in front of us.
us at the game

Ok, I don't know what's up with this car or why anyone would have a Corvette painted like this... but I am the person who wants to turn my Smart Car into a deviled egg....


Turkey... we had some. Fresh from Tyler Texas. Yummy.
gobble gobble

Look how cute Percy Winterbottom is decorating one of our mini Christmas trees!!
percy mini tree

Ok. That's it. The holidays are about to unleash their madness of eating & drinking & eating. Good times!