Somehow I managed to convince Percy Winterbottom to take me to the Texas Renaissance Festival this past weekend. I know, I know. Renaissance Festival - blah. But it’s got food, booze (Bud Light is nasty though), costumes, stuff to buy, pirates… what more could I want?!

I didn’t take pictures of half the stuff I wanted to merely because I didn’t want people to hassle me for taking their photo. But on the other hand, they are out there in public parading around in costumes. Maybe they want their photo taken. Like the barbarian family for instance – the scantily clad in fur barbarian family – surely they would’ve wanted to have their photo taken. I was just scared mom barbarian would kick my ass. She was totally ripped. I still don’t know what the barbarians have to do with the Renaissance but to each his own. Apparently there is a barbarian weekend.

Percy getting into the spirit of things.

Percy with his favorite thing ever… BUTTER.
butter percy

Mechanical human operated dragon.

Centaur – ok… this thing’s penis moved. I’m not sure where the control for it was but he could wiggle it at people. Nasty!

Jousting field


This kid was just behind us at the joust. He was pretty darn cute in his little outfit. Too bad his mom didn’t tell him that it was Roman weekend. Scottish weekend is THIS weekend.
kilt boy

Pirate ship!
pirate ship

Roman weekend display
Roman Holiday

We kept seeing these two guys walking around & I really wish that I would’ve had the nerve to ask them for a photo. They were really cute all glammed up as little fairies.