05/03: Alive indeed!

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Percy showing off the fact that Project v 2.0 does indeed run.

Scooter 2

scooter 1

Scooter 3

What a little hipster.

01/03: Alive! v.2.0!

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Posted by: jackbauer
Okay, when I said that was enough for tonight...
perhaps not.
I went back out to garage to see if I could unstick the throttle, and I did!
So, now that I can give it a little gas... It MOVES!
Under it's own power even!
The headlight came on with some throttle as well. I know I've read about that somewhere on one of the discussion boards, but I can't remember what it means. Anyway, it is still running very rough. There is 17 years of gunk in the carb after all, but I took it around the block. It's Alive!
NOW, I'm done for the day.

01/03: It's Alive!

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Well, on life support really, but it actually started tonight. :)
No pictures, because there are no lights, exhaust fumes, or movement to actually show that it is running. But, it started.
Tonight I put in the battery, filled the gas tank, and tried to start it for the first time.
It worked! Not on the first kick, but after a few frustrating tries it was trying to turn over. A few more kicks, and a full choke, and it kicked over and was running at a rough idle. Idle is about all I have right now, it seems the throttle is frozen so I couldn't give it any gas. No lights either, unfortunately. Not sure what that is all about. And no electric start, horn, or anything else. Getting all of that sorted out may take a while, but getting it started for the first time in 17 (?) years is victory enough for tonight.

28/02: UPDATE! :p

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Ooooookay, after some not so subtle prompting from Percy Winterbottom, I am finally posting an update on the new project. So, here we go. Since the last posting, there has been an extensive cleaning, tires and tubes have been replaced, new battery, new spark plug, new oil, and reconditioned gastank.
Behold! The much more confortable "workshop", my livingroom.
Seriously... I was supposed to work on it in the garage? Through college bowl season? and the ice storm? and the new season of "Lost"? I don't think so. So, it moved into the living room.
Still VERY dirty.
New parts!

Tire changes!

This is a real pain in the butt without the right tools, trust me...

Cleaning! (no pics of that, but several garage rags were destroyed.)
It was FILTHY. It is really obvious in the before and after pics if you check the shiny parts, wheel rims and exhaust and so forth. Anyway...
Then there was gas tank draining. It moved outside for that. The livingroom isn't the cleanest thing ever, but it could do without a puddle of gas in the floor. Percy the Cat is no fan of puddles which are not of his own creation.
So, back to the garage, empty of gas and much cleaner, but still in pieces.

Then the gas tank came out.
A Gas Tank Hole! Gas tank is under the seat (which is not there right now, of course)

And this is what it looks like once it is out. In the basket of course, I had to keep it somewhere prior to cleaning and reconditioning.

So, as of tonight, the gastank is back in and all fuel lines are reconnected. I have high hopes that a first attempt at starting is imminent, maybe in the next couple of days.
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Me "Hey Percy, what's up with Project v 2.0?"
Percy "Oh you know... stuff."
Me "Yeah, like what? This silver tarp in the living room has to serve some purpose other than decoration, right?"
Percy "Yes silly. It's so the floor won't get messed up while I work on Project v 2.0."
Me "Oh, so you HAVE been working on it? Hey where's the gas tank on this thing anyway?"
Percy "Dillhole"
Me "Why you always gotta be so mean to me? I got you a scooter for Christmas."
Percy "I'm just kidding."

Percy Winterbottom has made progress on the scooter. And will probably call me a dillhole for posting this. :)
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Posted by: jackbauer
I've had scooter on the brain for several months, and I guess Percy got tired of hearing it. Well... TOO BAD, 'cause its only gonna get worse now...
this is what Percy got me for Christmas. :)
It is a Honda Passport, specifically this one is a 1981 C70. This line, starting with the original C50 Super Cub back in 1958, is the world's most popular motorized vehicle with over 50 million produced. They are still in production in some parts of the world.
Anyway, it is quite the departure from any of the other bikes in the garage, and much more of a mechanical project than anything I have done before. Percy Winterbottom got it from a friend of hers, who had gotten it from a neighbor 15 years ago after the little bike survived a garage fire. The missing leg guards (for anyone who knows what a Honda Passport usually looks like...), they didn't survive the fire.

Yeah, that's right!, last registered and inspected in 1991. 1991!
From what I understand, 1991 was also the last time it was started. The little things have a reputation for being fairly bulletproof, so I am hoping that will be the case. Good luck to me, I would love to have it running by spring.
That little epic will begin after the start of the new year.
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It still needs primary paint on the tank (obviously), and on the side covers.
Indecision means that there is no telling how long it will take to figure that out.

BUT, it runs. All the lights and signals work, it goes, stops, turns, and does all the other things a motorcycle is supposed to do.
After a few hours putting all the pieces together, it successfully made it out of the neighborhood and then back. It was late enough, and dark enough, that I wasn't going to push the first test ride much further than that. A grand total of just a mile or two, but, like Dr. Frankenstein's monster, "It's Alive!"
I don't think the neighbors are going to approve of The Project.
The Project has no baffles in those long drag pipes.
The Project is LOUD, and The Project doesn't care that you don't like it.
The Project "can" speak quietly if one is very easy on the throtle, but The Project prefers yelling at people.
The Project draws disapproving looks from old ladies and frightens little children.
I think it is probably best that The Project not be taken out when people might be sleeping...
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Just a suggestion.
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Look how cute it is. ;)
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This is my current project, at least it's most current version.

The bike is a 1998 Vamaha V-Star 650, first one sold is Austin.
I wanted the demo, but the dealer wouldn't let me have it, so I had to wait for this one, which was the second one they received.
I bought it new in late '97. I call this picture version 3.0 because the white is actually the third color for this particular bike. It was a beautiful two-tone red and burgundy when I bought it. I'll dig up a picture of that and post it soon hopefully. Anyway, I wrecked it the same month I paid it off in January ''01. Yeah, that's right, Superbowl Sunday 2001, and no, I don't remember who won.
Anyway, the bike was totalled and I bought it back from the insurance company. A few replacement parts off ebay and several hours in the garage and it came out basically stock, except it was school bus yellow.
Don't ask me why, it was the only one like it though, which I suppose was why I liked it.
A couple of years ago, it was repainted white.
Now, after this:

it looked like this:

Now, the stock pipes and driving lights have been removed.
Bringing me to this, as of June 20.

I am hoping to get it finished up soon.
I know, it looks like there is a long way to go.
Anyway, for version 4.0, I'm going to put on a flat, bobber style rear fender and paint it black, maybe with some red or white accents. Also hoping to find a spring solo seat and end up with a 50's style custom.
I want to end up with something that doesn't look like everything else out there. I very much want to avoid the super-custom, but looks just like everyone else's overpriced trailer queen, never going to be ridden further than downtown to impress you friends type "choppers" that are a dime a dozen these days.
I will try to update this fairly regularly. I'm still figuring out exactly how this works, so more pictures and updates will follow once I get better at working the update.