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But I have to delete the billion spam comments first.

Stay tuned.
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Percy Winterbottom is back after a busy and action packed start to the new year.

The year ended with the traditional New Year's Eve party at Baby D & the Kidney's. I took it as the perfect opportunity to bust out my boob shirt. The Kidney followed suit with his classic penis tie. We're so classy.


I don't know what went on here...
what the

Baby d & her pimp cup o white russian
Jumbo Russian

Dice rollin'
snake eyes

I painted the wall in the "bar" area silver. Swanky.
silver wall

Um... best. sign. EVER.

We're cat sitting Laurie's (lawree's blog) little black demon Decon while she's kickin' it in Romania. Unfortunately Percy the Cat took one look at Decon & hissed "not want". The two have been separated ever since. Damn cats. Check out the fluff ball.

ball o fluff1
ball o fluff2

We celebrated Percy's birthday in January at Casa Chapala.

Lupe was the consummate host as always and provided plenty of tequila shots for everyone.

Percy and Lupe

January - March were a blur for me due to work (which spoiled yet another birthday, yes I'm still bitter).

We just got back from LAF's wedding. pre wedding photos here

Check the travel section for the details (when I get around to that post).

This is old I know but I just saw it & it totally cracks my ass up.


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Goofin around with a coworker's Canon G7.

tiny bottle on the bar

on the bar

sleepy cosmo

And one sent to me from LAF because I love snow and never get to see any.


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A quick & dirty run down of baby d’s birthday extravaganza this past Saturday night….

We started out with a pancake lunch right next door to my hairdresser. No photos – we were in a hurry & hungry.

Next door at Danny’s salon we had our hair did for the evening’s festivities. Deanna got her hair ironed straight & mine was teased up like a drunk 60s housewife. I love Danny.

We then made our way up to the Mac store at the Domain to have gay men apply our make up. I was a little bummed – baby d got the better gay. My make up was just so-so. Had a much better experience in New Orleans at the Armani counter. He totally whored me up that time! Anyway, here’s baby d & her pocket gay. He was TINY!


A nice photo before the night got started.

Our driver, Greg, picked us up promptly in his very snazzy Mercedes S class sedan. No photos of that either b/c I didn’t want to be THAT cheesy. We had a quick drive into the Hill Country for dinner at Hudson’s on The Bend.

Dinner was nice. But if you’re a vegetarian this place is not for you.

Right on time Greg was there to pick us up from dinner & whisk us downtown.

So… at my suggestion we ended up at a new place called Pangaea. The guy who owns it apparently has several other clubs in New York City & decided to come terrorize Austin with his ultra swank bottle service club. It was everything you’d think it would be from just knowing that the owner is from NYC & that it’s bottle service. After a little haggling at the door we finally were led into the club to our table. Now to get said table we had to agree to purchase 2 bottles that night.

I cannot even begin to get into it right now… cause I said this would be a quick post. But what I want to know are these things:

Do the waitresses wear underwear EVERY night or was that special for Saturday night?
What’s with the tambourine player wandering the crowd?
Where the hell did that cougar get that velvet jump suit & why is she droppin’ it like it’s hot?
Who the hell are these people? I mean really? This club needs to go away.

We made Greg take us to Whatarburger on the way home. We weren’t allowed to eat in the car. Lol

number 2
us 3
hot mess
devil child

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This morning when I left for work someone (ok... some thing) had left a little treat for us on the walk way. I took about 8 photos of this thing and I'm not sure why. It's not like I adjusted my angle or anything but I couldn't stop looking at it.




Percy thinks this was the work of Soft n Fuzzy. I on the other hand maintain that he's too soft & fuzzy & cute to gnaw a rat in half on our front walk way.
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Holidays have hit the house. Although the same can not be said for the very random weather in Texas. 78 one day and 56 the next. Um... what the hell is that about Mother Nature?

So I splurged on a fancy advent calendar this year since Percy Winterbottom has never had one before. This thing is a monster. Instead of little pieces of milk chocolate behind each door this calendar has decadent little treats waiting for us each morning. I'm thinking this thing's packing like 10,000 calories! But they sure are tasty.


advent back

Close up
Advent close up

Initially I thought we might go & splurge on a Christmas tree. That didn't happen. Behold one of my mini trees. Iridescent white with pink flamingos! I'm not allowed to go into Hobby Lobby for the rest of the month. No more mini trees.

mini tree
mini tree close up

This past weekend Percy, baby d, the kidney, Sofie & I participated in the Trail of Lights 5k. I was excited to do a race at night where it might actually be cold. No luck - it was in the upper 60s that night. Blurry night time photos of all the pretty lights....

Some people dressed up for the race. There was a group of runners wearing nothing but tiny undies. The kidney found this entertaining.

kidney butt

Apparently they construct a huge tree out of lights. People walk under it and spin around looking up at the lights. I... did not do this.

blurry tree

The majority of the lights are all on one side of the park. There's a wide tunnel of lights at the entrance.

First tunnel

Lots of lights on trees.

The trail contains several lighted scenes that are mostly holiday related. Not sure what this one was about. It had a lion & something that looked like Neptune. Ok... so I guess he was on ice. That's kinda holiday related... right??


The last tunnel was a lovely little group of blue stars.
Blue Stars

Yeah it was pretty much impossible to walk & take photos at night. Some of them make me a little nauseous looking at them they're so blurry. Which is exactly why I'm forcing them on people. Enjoy.

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So let's see... what has Percy Winterbottom been up to lately? We're heading towards the end of the year at warp speed it seems. I don't even know what's going on anymore.

A few weeks ago Percy, The Kidney, Baby D & I went to the UT/Texas Tech game. I'd gotten tickets for Percy as an anniversary present. Baby D & I went to UT. Percy & The Kidney went to Tech. It makes for a fun football season. Anyway... game day photos.

Parking is very unreasonable during game day due to tail gate parties. We passed by this cute little trailer on our walk.
lil camper

We met up with the one & only John David who was in town for the game. Did YOU have your picture taken with John David??
John David
John David John David

Our seats were in the north end horse shoe section. Wasn't sure about these seats but they turned out to be great.
UT field

East side stands
East Side

West side stands
West Side

The game in action
game action

Showband of the Southwest
band 2

The boys - so gay
the boys 2

I don't even know what's going on in this one...
the boys 1

Ok, so these two chicks from Tech were sitting in front of us and were beyond annoying. One was so very wasted to add to the annoying factor. Now I've spent my fair time at UT football games wasted. I have however, never been so annoying that two rows of people wanted to push me down the rows of seats in front of me. Behold the drunken blond mess that was sitting in front of us for THE ENTIRE GAME with her damn guns up hollering & screaming. Home girl even screamed for the band during half time. Um... go woodwind section!!!

tech chick 3

The one time she did sit down I was treated to this site.
Tech fanny

Now don't get me started on the offensive shirt these two were sporting. Ok, college football rivals like to poke fun at one another. I'm down with that. But I really don't see the humor in this shirt. At all.
Tech chick 2

We had a good time despite the hot mess in front of us.
us at the game

Ok, I don't know what's up with this car or why anyone would have a Corvette painted like this... but I am the person who wants to turn my Smart Car into a deviled egg....


Turkey... we had some. Fresh from Tyler Texas. Yummy.
gobble gobble

Look how cute Percy Winterbottom is decorating one of our mini Christmas trees!!
percy mini tree

Ok. That's it. The holidays are about to unleash their madness of eating & drinking & eating. Good times!

08/11: Huzzah!

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Somehow I managed to convince Percy Winterbottom to take me to the Texas Renaissance Festival this past weekend. I know, I know. Renaissance Festival - blah. But it’s got food, booze (Bud Light is nasty though), costumes, stuff to buy, pirates… what more could I want?!

I didn’t take pictures of half the stuff I wanted to merely because I didn’t want people to hassle me for taking their photo. But on the other hand, they are out there in public parading around in costumes. Maybe they want their photo taken. Like the barbarian family for instance – the scantily clad in fur barbarian family – surely they would’ve wanted to have their photo taken. I was just scared mom barbarian would kick my ass. She was totally ripped. I still don’t know what the barbarians have to do with the Renaissance but to each his own. Apparently there is a barbarian weekend.

Percy getting into the spirit of things.

Percy with his favorite thing ever… BUTTER.
butter percy

Mechanical human operated dragon.

Centaur – ok… this thing’s penis moved. I’m not sure where the control for it was but he could wiggle it at people. Nasty!

Jousting field


This kid was just behind us at the joust. He was pretty darn cute in his little outfit. Too bad his mom didn’t tell him that it was Roman weekend. Scottish weekend is THIS weekend.
kilt boy

Pirate ship!
pirate ship

Roman weekend display
Roman Holiday

We kept seeing these two guys walking around & I really wish that I would’ve had the nerve to ask them for a photo. They were really cute all glammed up as little fairies.

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This little guy was chowing down in the back yard yesterday. It was very windy and hard to get a good in focus shot. Apparently he's a monarch.

monarch 1

monarch 2

05/11: Hey Percy...

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lolcats - Happy Anniversary!
moarfunny pictures

(we all know where I borrowed this from...